2011 IIFA Green Carpet Fans in Toronto

First of all, Hollywood’s Red Carpet is nothing compares to the 2011 IIFA Bollywood’s Green Carpet in Toronto. I’m talking about the crowd at both carpet receptions. But, MMVA fans is more creative in expressing their idolatry to their fave stars and are crazier—oh dear, I still can hear the deafening craziness of the fans until now.

The thing that I like about IIFA is the elevated green carpet where the stars got to walk for everybody to see. However, the green carpet walk is shortlived. Stars were held by people to pause and pose for a while (just even for 10 seconds—it’s not that long) for fans to see and take snapshots.

The only thing I DON’T like about IIFA is that they placed the longer green carpet secluded/exclusive for media. The fans around me were so pissed off and I swear, they were so frustrated  about it. Six girls at my back were complaining that they traveled all the way from Nova Scotia only to see this kind of green carpet treatment—away from the fans.

One of the girls has a point when I heard her say, “If you compare it to other major award-giving bodies, stars pose on the red carpet with fans in the background. At the IIFA in Toronto, the stars pose with a wall in the background.”

But, anyway, it’s all done now and we can’t do anything about it.

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