2011 CHIN Picnic – Filipino Show with Pilita Corrales

Yesterday, at the 2011 CHIN Picnic, Pilita Corrales, the songstress, wowed the crowd in her soulful, amazing, raspy, flirty voice in English, Cebuano (local dialect in the Philippines) Filipino and Spanish. She came down the stage and mingled with her fans for a photo op and signed album covers of her CD. Her humour brought the house down and her way to tease men with her short skirts brought the audience into unstoppable laughter that could be heard back to the third world.

With more than 135 albums under her name, PILITA CORRALES is the undisputable ASIA’s QUEEN OF SONGS.

She beat Olivia Newton-John in Japan during the 1st Tokyo Music festival in 1972.

Before she went back to the Philippines, she was one of the Australian superstars like Kylie Minogue, Helen Reddy and Olivia Newton-John, she was billed as one of the Grand Dames of Victorian Radio and Television.

She’s the first female to top the Australian pop music charts long before Kylie Minogue and Newton-John. And in Victoria, Australia, a street was named after her.

Many faces of Pilita Corrales while signing album covers of her new CD.

Roy Tugbang is a 15-year old Filipino-Canadian who is billed by the media as the “Young Pavarotti.”

The Champions of the Filipino-Canadian songfest.

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