2010 Shanghai World Expo – The Americas

Canada and the USA are the giants in The Americas area. They’re the most queued pavilions. Obviously because they have economies that matter in the world.

Surprisingly, The Carribbean, Americas and Africa zones are not as crowded as Europe and Asia zones. Reckon that, except USA and Canada, the rest of the countries are least known to the Chinese people.

Wait….. BRAZIL, of course was a huge hit for their football team fame.

Catch Argentina’s Tango show between 6:00 p.m. It’s very sensual, passionate and yes, it teases your libidinal energy.

They’ll let you in through the VIP area if you are Brazilian. Expect audio-visual footages of football on huge screens.

Cirque de Soliel is Canada’s theme inside. Part-magical.

Chile’s Pavilion is the best one I’ve been to in the Americas zone. The use of space and wood are very commendable. Don’t forget to have a glass of wine before you exit.

Ewwwww… inside was very disappointing!

Cigar, anyone?

Fabulously colourful. Don’t forget to take a glimpse of Frida Kahlua’s self portrait.

Hello, Peru, your Pavilion was crap. But the food at the resto was real good. Hmmmm….

Didn’t go inside because even at almost 9:00 pm, the queue was still unbearable.

No idea what’s in there. Doesn’t look inviting. :((

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