2010 Shanghai World Expo: Europe 1

I know I should have posted this days ago but I want Europe Pavilions to be the last photos I’d be posting. The continent has so many countries participating at the Expo so I’d only put 14 countries where I have friends in there.

Austria Don’t miss to take a bite of Belgian fries and waffles outside the Pavilion. It’s not for free, honey. Hello, Popovich! (He’s the only Croatian guy-friend I know.) 🙂 Czech Republic’s Pavilion is cool. We got into their LACRIMA (tears) booth inside where a machine reads your thought for 5 minutes and when mixes three scents for you according to how you feel. And the best thing about it was… they gave you a tiny vial of such perfume—your perfume. And guess wha, they will only pick 1 lucky person out of 500 to get inside the booth. But three of us were accommodated because we worked our irresistible charms. Take a bike ride at the Danish Pavilion. We also had Shanghai’s first dance flash mob here but that’s another entry in this blog. Estonia! (Hello, Janus!) 😉 Finland has a huge………….structure. 😉 Come on, France, you can do better than this. Germany’s Pavilion is something that is truly a work of good architect. Dreaming of Greece, come inside. Hungary As what my Singaporean friend said, “Ireland is so plain boring.” On the night we went there, two friends went inside (while I was busy camwhoring outside) and they saw LIV TYLER there. One friend knows her and the other was like… “Who the hell is she?” Netherlands is the HAPPY STREET.

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