2010 Shanghai World Expo: Africa

The pavilions from the African continent is sort of quite, except, for South Africa where there was a queue but not that long. Owe that for their football fame that made the Chinese goers curious. Or maybe, Nelson Mandela’s huge pic drew them together.

Egypt, too, had a long queue. I could have gone inside had time allow.

One thing that annoys me in the Expo is the people queuing up so their Expo passports will be stamped as an evidence that they’ve been there to that pavilion. They might keep it and who knows sell it on e-bay?

When we were at the Swiss Pavilion, this Swiss girl was so busy stamping passports when we asked her if we could try doing her job. She agreed and it was fun. The crowd was uncontrollable, noisy and as if they were fighting, pushing for the only food on the table.


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