2010 Buskerfest Toronto (Part 1)

Ive seen these people before but I called them street performers. You can take a glimpse of these people, too, in the subway during your morning and afternoon commute. They entertain passersby and at the same time annoy them for “donation.”

Here in Toronto, they are honored for four consecutive days in a year and a million people came to see them perform and give them not just penny or loose change but bills, too.

This year’s Buskerfest is a mix of martial arts to acrobats to dangerous acts and magic. 

Some of these buskers have impressive resumes and degrees and they do it because they love it and it has become their profession, their life, and passion—as I heard from one of the buskers/performers this afternoon.

This years list of buskers are from Australia, UK, US, Hungary, New Zealand, Netherlands, Argentina, Northern Ireland and of course, Canada.

 Of all performances this afternoon, its Kim Churchill that caught my attention. This hot Aussie guy is oozing with musical talent. Do listen to him and tap your feet with his music. Or better yet, buy his CD for 15 bucks. Hes worth it. And dont forget to let him sign it. 

He said that the song he is performing is pop music which is a bit disturbing. 🙂 I don’t think it’s pop. Hehehehe….

2010 Buskerfest starts yesterday at St. Lawrence Market and it runs until Sunday, August 29. Go out, enjoy and give something in their donation boxes. Theyll take whatever you have. These people entertain you and help you reduce wrinkles. Be kind.








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