2010 Buskerfest Toronto – The Fire Edition

And the highs and highs of Buskerfest Festival continues with flaming balls of fire yesterday, Saturday, as thousands of people crowded the St. Lawrence Market under a beautiful azure. Everybody was in high spirits as buskers competed to grab everyones attention to check them out and their tricks. And the crowd was generous, too, (including me).

This time, I saw a lot of acts from 4:30 to 9:30 p.m. Two of them were fire-spitting routines that left the crowd gasping in admiration: FlameOZ and PyroRomeo. Their names itself suggest danger. And true to their names, too, they love playing with fire. Literally and figuratively. 

PyRomeo is one class act. Twirll it, PtRomeo! Twirl it! He definitely loves playing with fire. Literally. And figuratively. 😉 Flame OZ. Australians girls are oozing with fire…


See that? I can do that, too. That’s why I’m getting bald! LOL Go, girls! The finale was the best …..

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